Tournament Management System Features


In a fast-paced information-flow environment, it is necessary to layer and isolate data so as to minimize data buffering and provide redundant storage simultaneously, while eliminating dependencies that prove to be a source of limitation in system enhancement and stability. SplitDraw has evolved over a period of 12 years, with consistent progression in features independent of third party dependencies and assemblies.

All components such as database, scoreboards, video management, and registration interface are developed indigenously with dependency only on the foundation classes and base libraries. This enables faster processing of data queues while reducing buffer payload, increasing system stability, and better customization. SplitDraw's architecture is so flexible, that it can operate with or without a server computer present. This is made possible by a unique communications module built specifically to operate in both peer-to-peer or server/client modes simultaneously. As a direct consequence of the custom communications module, SplitDraw has N+1 data redundancy on several levels::

1. Data is replicated on all machines
2. Data is backed up
3. Communications are stored for data recovery if needed
4. All Data is synchronized real-time

Membership Management

SplitDraw's Membership Management system includes a high speed editing interface that enables an administrator to easily edit and update members. This interface allows an administrator to keep chronological record of activities of a member, including enrollment, membership fee schedules, event participation, results, and much more. The membership management interface is available online, and as a local computer application. The membership management interface also incorporates feeds to news and related events to the sport or selected sports by the administrator. This is an ideal ecommerce tool for an association governing a given sport or a private entity interested in a better CRM interface specific to sports for its client base.

Online Registration

The online registration interface is developed to accept universal registrations based on customized event data templates. This allows any number of divisions, skill levels, weight divisions, and competition styles to register through a template tailored for any sport or organization. Source engine of the online registration system can be imported onto the convener host website through an "iframe" tag. SplitDraw's online registration also allows ecommerce through the same interface. Pricing and pay flow is in full control of the host organization. For confirmation, the online registration interface sends a PDF document with organization specific logos and tournament waiver information as well as the competitor's selected division information via email upon completion. Click on the link below to try the SplitDraw Online Registration Demo:


Weigh-Ins & On-Site Registration

SplitDraw's onsite registration interface is capable of registering and weighing-in competitors using a pre-reg output from the Online Registration, a predefined Membership Database, or independently based on the same data template used for the Online Registration. For high throughput, in order to reduce line-ups and wait times for competitors, multiple registration computers can be used simultaneously. All data is replicated with a wireless networked N+1 redundancy (any registrations at one computer show up on all other computers). The On-Site Registration and Weigh-In interface is built to process competitors fast and accurately. A confirmation read-out of the registration can be displayed on an LED or LCD monitor connected to the registration computer and facing the athlete weighing-in. Weight scales can be connected via USB port for direct feed and calibration with the SplitDraw Software. This system also prints accreditation and confirmation stickers once the competitor completes weigh-ins using any form of a printer (i.e. Label or Regular Letter Printers). In addition, a unique barcode is printed on the confirmation sticker to quickly update registration data if needed or to zap the winners of a match forward in the brackets using the SpltDraw Match Management System described below.

SplitDraw Weigh-In System

Bracketing/Draw Management

Subsequent to registrations and weigh-ins, SplitDraw allows the Pairing Masters to siphon specifically selected or all categories from the registration and weigh-in database, connected via a wireless network. This means that while the registrations are on-going, you can import the divisions that are due to start without interrupting the weigh-in process. Some events allow multiple cut-off times for weigh-ins in one day. For example, Youth divisions could have a competition start time in the morning, while the weigh-ins continue for the Adult divisions until their cutt-off time in the afternoon. With this feature, a pairing master is capable of importing the selected categories for the Youth divisions that are due to start and compile their draws although weigh-in for other categories are still active. Once imported, SplitDraw provides an interface to select the format of the event draws such as: single elimination, double elimination, double elimination with double thirds, round robins, etc. These formats can be assigned system-wide, for the whole division set, or each division can be assigned a specific format. SplitDraw then calculates load balancing on all competition areas for optimum tournament flow. Subsequently, an area distribution interface shows the calculated distributions. In this interface the pairing master can simply drag & drop divisions between areas for a custom configuration. Once the distribution is configured, brackets are compiled. Performance and Seeding, as well as splitting by teams is automatically adjusted by SplitDraw.

SplitDraw boasts a powerful WYSIWYG GUI (Graphical User Interface) for adjusting Brackets. Draws can be manipulated as on paper, but with drag-drop operations and a few mouse clicks, competitors can be swapped on the draws, deleted, added, or changed on-screen. Once a bracket set is compiled and changes implemented on screen, the operator has the option to re-order the match numbers, or allow the system to assign suffixes such as "2A', "3B" etc to retain the previously compiled match order if competitors are added after the fact. Forfeits or deleted match numbers are automatically crossed out. At this point, the draws are printed along with mat assignments if paper trail is required. Otherwise the draws are pushed to mat-side computers remotely, or the head bracketing operator. Other advanced features such as Live Team Points, Mat Distribution, Match Sequences, and Live Brackets can be displayed on large or small PLASMA/LED/LCD screens during the event.

SplitDraw Bracketing System

Scoring Interface

Matches on each competition area can be conducted using the SplitDraw Scoring Interface. SplitDraw currently includes several score clock types such as Wrestling, Grappling, BJJ, Judo and more. The score clocks are interfaced with the Bracket Management System in order to update winner and loser information on the draws as the matches take place. Sponsor Ads can also be rotated between matches while next competitors are preparing.

Scoring operations can be fully customized specific to the sport and convening host's requirements using scoring templates. Both the score, and accumulated technical points are recorded for a given match using a mouse or keyboard. Colors of the competitors can be swapped if needed on the scoring screen. The scoring interface also provides timing for injury and blood time. Winners can be advanced using the score clock interface by the operator manually or the barcode lanyard/accreditation belonging to the winner can be scanned via a standard barcode scanner at the scoring table. Once the match is completed, and a winner determined, the operator can navigate to the next or previous matches using "Next Match" or "Previous Match" buttons on the scoring interface respectively. At this point, Live Team Points are updated automatically on the PLASMA/LED/LCD displays. Upcoming matches are also displayed on a screen attached to the scoring computer.

SplitDraw Scoring System

Video Recording

In addition to timing and scoring functions, the SplitDraw Scoring Interface incorporates a video recorder. This is accomplished using a USB connected camera to the scoring computer. Once a Match has started, SplitDraw begins recording the competition. Timer, Scoring, Event Title, and Competitor Names are automatically superimposed on the recording video. Furthermore, the video is also tagged with the same information for quick retrieval and identification. Sponsor and Event Logos may also be superimposed on the video. Video replay and referee review is also built into the SplitDraw Scoring Interface.

Video Sales

SplitDraw Scoring Interface provides built-in functions to transfer all recorded videos to a SplitDraw Video Server also conencted to the Wireless Network. Here, an operator can easily search and create DVD or CD compilations for any competitor of his or her match(es) during the Tournament. These videos contain all scoring, timing, and event details superimposed during the match(es) as described in the 'Video Recording' section above.

Information Displays

SplitDraw provides several visual call-outs or displays to keep competitors and audience informed of the progression of a tournament. These displays convey live information to the competitors providing a smooth flow to the event. SplitDraw Displays include:

1. Weigh-In Display
2. Area Division Distribution
3. Upcoming Match Sequence Display at each competition area
4. Public Display for Upcoming Matches on a large remote screen
5. Score Clock Displays
6. Live Team Points
7. Live Brackets on a Projector or Large PLASMA/LED/LCD Screen

SplitDraw Display

SplitDraw Announcer: Audio Call-outs

SplitDraw incorporates a unique voice synthesizer that automatically annouces Current, On Deck, and On Double Deck matches as the Scoring Interface is used to advance to the next match. This is a human-like voice that is integrated with the facility's PA (Public Announcement) system or through a Loud Speaker connected directly to the SplitDraw Announcer Computer on the wireless network. If multiple areas announce the match sequences simultaneously, each voice message is automatically qeued in sequence by the SplitDraw Announcer. The key advantage of this system is that all competitors are informed of their upcoming match status through the PA system even if he or she is not looking at the Visual Displays regarding their upcoming matches resulting in a remarkably improved flow of the tournament because competitors are ready and present at the competition area well in advance. SplitDraw Announcer eliminates the need for multiple runners who would otherwise be required to keep track of the upcoming competitors and physically bringing them to the alotted competition area. In addition to competition call-outs, the SplitDraw Announcer can be configured to annouce sponsor courtesy messages as well as special annoucements at a pre-defined interval throughout the day.

SplitDraw Announcer System

Live Brackets Online

If the 'Live Brackets' feature is enabled in the SplitDraw Software, the draws are updated in HTML/XML format via the off-site SplitDraw server. This interface displays brackets as the competition progresses, over the internet. This interface can also be imported to the host website using an 'iframe' tag on the host website. Online Live Brackets can be viewed in real-time World Wide by Family, Friends, and Fans of the comptitors.


Shell & U-Tube PSPW-Line Heat Exchangers

Clint KingsBury

Being involved with Combative Arts at National and International level, I've worked with many different programs that are considered bracket management softwares in combative styles. One company that I've seen grow over the years and improve each year is SplitDraw. This is a true management software that really encompasses the full NEEDS of a sports organization.

What I like about the SplitDraw System is:

1. Online registration - Information is linked right from beginning to end.

2. Live weigh-ins, the weight scales are connected to the registration system, this allows for updates instantly.

3. Accurate draws are made very fast! Changes can be made instantly if needed.

4. All kinds of draw formats: Round Robins, Nordic system, Double Elimination, Single Elimination and more.

5. Live team results, and screens on every mat for current and upcoming matches.

6. Automated vocal announcements of matches - on deck and on double deck/in hole.

7. Video - instant replay, web streaming, etc!

Basically the SplitDraw integration is about saving time, money, hours of staff etc.

SplitDraw also makes events more fan friendly and appealing to participants. Linking to video for instant replay, live streaming is very easy and a must for many internet savvy people to see what they want... matches, highlights, photos etc.

I've seen the program grow throughout the years... starting small and now to a 2 million dollar project.

Having run multiple National and International events, the SplitDraw system is the way to go!

Clint Kingsbury
Canadian FILA Reprentative
Non Olympic Styles
Chair of FILA Referees Commission
Non Olympic Styles

Jack Rego

  • “Street Soldier” has had the opportunity and pleasure of utilizing the Splitdraw system as an advertising, promotional and marketing tool. The score clock Ads and Announcer clock system is an excellent tool for exposure and marketing for any business or organization that is seeking to increase their visibility. The Splitdraw system has played a vital part in building our brand recognition at live grappling and MMA events. We have used the Splitdraw system as part of our Advertising/Marketing program since 2010. “Street Soldier” supports the SplitDraw system.

  • Thank you,
  • Jack Rego
  • (Street Soldier – 7143532 Canada Inc.)


Gregg Denikien

  • SplitDraw is a great system for Events/Competitions for sorting out Brackets. The system has a very good display of Score-Clocks and Scoreboards as well. The way it is setup to call the next fighters on the mats is ahead of the game! We've been working with SplitDraw for a few years now and have always been glad to have such a system in place because it makes things easier for the fighters, organizers, and sponsors. We are looking to implement this system within our website as well due to its efficiency in pre-registration. The registration process through SplitDraw is user friendly and quick. I highly recommend events and competition organizers to use SplitDraw - not only for the program itself, but also for the great customer service that comes with it!

    Gregg King
    CEO of
    Owner of VVVfightco