NEW! SplitDraw MMA-Score

Introducing the newest memebr of the Scoring System - SplitDraw MMA-AScore - A Fast, Efficient, and Reliable way to score Mixed Martial Arts Matches, MMA-Score includes a versatile Judging and Master Interface with data redundancy!

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SplitDraw Tournament Management Score Clock

Advanced Score Clocks

SplitDraw Integrated Score Clocks are flexible and versitile. Colors and themes can be adopted for any sport or organization. Score clocks can operate independently or provide feedback and results back to the SplitDraw Bracket management system

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SplitDraw Tournament Management Score Clock

Match Sequence Display

SplitDraw Match Management System provides a visual callout for each competition area, updating an LED or LCD display following every match for competitors and organizers in order to maintain a smooth competition flow

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SplitDraw Tournament Management Match Display

WYSIWYG Bracket Editor

At the heart of SplitDraw is a powerful WYSIWYG bracket editor that enables pairing masters and conveners to make changes on the fly. All match sequencing and re-bracketing function are handled by SplitDraw quickly and flawlessly

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SplitDraw Tournament Management Bracketing

Match Management Interface

SplitDraw's Match Management Interface is the link between the Score Clocks and the Bracketing system, updating data on the display and the database as the match progresses. Scoring details are customizable for any sport or organization. Oh yes, it also records video with score overlays!!!

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SplitDraw Tournament Management Scoring System

Live Team Points Display

SplitDraw's Display Management System allows remote and local presentation of live results as the tournament progresses on large displays such as LED, LCD, PLASMA, and PROJECTORS.

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SplitDraw Tournament Management Live Team Points

Online Registration


SplitDraw's Online registration interface accepts all category formats based on data templates. This allows any number and combination of divisions, skill levels, weight divisions, and competition styles to register for all sports. As a confirmation, SplitDraw sends registrants customized forms with the registration details via email. Waivers and signatures can be accepted online.



SplitDraw's onsite registration interface is capable of registering and weighing-in competitors using a pre-reg output from the online registration, a membership database, or independently based on the same data template used for the online registration. Weight scales can be connected via USB port for direct feed and calibration with the SplitDraw Software.


Subsequent to Registrations and Weigh-Ins, SplitDraw enables pairing masters to siphon either selected, or all competitor categories wirelessly. This means that as the Weigh-Ins are on-going, one can import those divisions that are due to start. Some events allow multiple cut-off times for weigh-ins in one day.